University of South Alabama

You have two options for logging into Tegrity: eCollege or the Tegrity system tray icon.

Log into eCollege. Click the Tegrity link located under Course Home.

The Tegrity Class Recording page will open in a new window.
The Tegrity page will not open if you have pop-up blockers on.

Click Record a Class.
The Tegrity Recoder Dialog box appears.
-- OR --

Click the Tegrity icon located in the system tray.

Sign in using your J Number and password.
The Tegrity Recoder Dialog box appears.


From the Course drop-down list, select the course to which this class belongs.

Name your recording.
By default, Tegrity inserts the date and time into the Recording Title field as the title. Delete the time to add your preferred title. For reporting purposes, leave the date stamp.

Check the microphone audio level.
The audio level should register green on the scale.
If the audio level registers red, your voice may sound distorted when played back .

Click the Record a Class button.



Read the information in the dialog box that appears and cilck OK.
The dialog box closes and the screen becomes dark for a moment.

Wait for the recording control icon to appear in the taskbar.
The following icons appear:

Pause- Temporarily stops the recording.
Click to pause; click again to resume.

Stop- Ends the recording session after you click Yes in a confirmation dialog box.

Recording Volume- Indicates the recorded
audio level.

Begin lecture.
When you finish your lecture, click the Stop icon on the taskbar.
A Tegrity Recorder dialog box asks you to confirm that you want to end the recording.
To end the recording, select the required option.
Upload (in the background), and click Yes.

For additional assistance please contact: Educational Technologies and Services at 460-6317


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