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Surgical Services at USA Children's & Women's Hospital provides a high quality of care to all patients undergoing invasive procedures through on-going assessment and implementation of the nursing process in an efficient, cost-effective manner, collaborating with patients, families and/or significant others, and members of the multidisciplinary health team.

The hospital offers five operating room suites with surgical services for children and women including general surgery, gynecologic, orthopedic, neurosurgery, plastic surgery, and ear-nose-throat.  We also provide a post-anesthesia care unit, outpatient surgery unit, an endoscopy lab and the USS Hope oncology/hematology treatment room.

Recently, University of South Alabama trustee and philanthropist Arlene Mitchell gave $1.7 million to USA Children's & Women's Hospital for a new daVinci robotic surgery system, which will enable the hospital to become the first in Alabama to perform pediatric surgery using the surgical robot. 

The hospital is already using the newly acquired system for gynecologic procedures.  The robot is part of the daVinci Si (pronounced 'ess-eye') Surgical System, which also includes a daVinci simulator to train USA's physicians, medical residents and community physicians.  USA Children's & Women's Hospital will be one of the first such hospitals in the nation to have the daVinci simulator.  Read more about the daVinci here.

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Nurse Manager-Kaye Cooper


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