Sculpture Artist Donor
George Lundeen Larry D. Striplin, Jr.
W. Stanley Proctor Dedicated to Thanking God for Love, Joy and Family
Ann LaRose USACWH Evaluation Center Employees
Jo Hess Jo Hess
Jo Hess Jo Hess Sculpture Fund
W. Stanley Proctor USA College of Nursing and College of Allied Health Professions
Teresa Hansen Helping Hands for the Children
Blair Muhlestein In Memory of Marcia S. Rolen
Blair Muhlestein Students, Family and Friends of Cathy O’Keefe
Blair Muhlestein USA College of Medicine
Ann LaRose John Nathan Cox and Family
Ann LaRose Edna and Jack R. Brunson
Mark Hopkins USA Pediatrics Colleagues
Ann LaRose Charles and Trudy Hess
Blair Muhlestein USA Alumni Association
Jane DeDecker USACWH Employees
Mark Lundeen USACWH Auxiliary
Ann LaRose Arlene Mitchell
Ann LaRose John and Becky Bass
W. Stanley Proctor Family of Justin Payne
Alfons Van Leggelo Mark and Alane Hoffman
Unknown Larry D. Striplin, Jr.
Unknown Geri and Gordon Moulton
Unknown Geri and Gordon Moulton
Unknown Geri and Gordon Moulton
Bonnie Thompson USA Department of Pediatrics
Unknown Larry D. Striplin, Jr.
Unknown Larry D. Striplin, Jr.
Unknown Larry D. Striplin, Jr.
Jo Hess Linda Hess Cooper
Blair Muhlestein Mobile’s Children’s Subspecialists
Unknown Family of Anne P. Nix
Victor Issa Children of Selma and J. George Teplick
Victor Issa Kreisberg Family
L'Deane Trueblood USA Pediatrics Colleagues
Mary Zimmerman Mrs. Ruth M. Simpson
Dennis Smith National Association of Alabama Theatre Owners
Blair Muhlestein USA Foundation
Blair Muhlestein Hearin-Chandler Foundation
W. Stanley Proctor Available - 5 pieces
Gary Price Mr. and Mrs. John B. Saint and Family
W. Stanley Proctor Children of Frank and Joy Brown
Walt Horton USA Federal Credit Union
Karl Jensen Penny and Joe Adamo
"Wanna Ride?" Victor Issa Nola and Randall Powell
Mike Dwyer Family and friends in memory of Linda Barton Moore
Mary Zimmerman Friends and Co-Workers of Gilda Hodges
Cammie Lundeen In Honor of Ella Katherine Stuart and Robert McKinney "Mac" Colclough'
Gary Price John W. Laidlaw Foundation
Jo Saylors Mobile Chapter of Compassionate Friends
W. Stanley Proctor Jerry Hendon and Family
Terry Plauche Family and Friends of Joseph Elliot Haskins
Jane DeDecker Larry Wooley, Family and Friends
Tolla Inbar Available
Jim La Paso Available

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