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Continuing Medical Education
Instructional Development
Increase your students' interaction, motivation, attention, engagement, retention, and recall by incorporating different instructional media and educational strategies into your courses.

Instructional Methods- are compiled as: lecture, reading, audio-visual, demonstrations, discussion groups, practice by doing, and immediate use of the information being presented.

Below are the average learner retention rates for each instructional method:
Instructional Method Average Retention Rate
Lecture 5%
Reading 10%
Audio-Visual 20%
Demonstration 30%
Discussion groups 50%
Practice by doing 75%
Immediate Use 90%
Adapted from: Delivering Instruction to Adult Learners, by Jeffery A. Cantor. The Department of Educational Technologies and Services provides training for:
  • eCompanion
  • Office 2007/Office 2010
  • iclicker (audience response system)
  • Adobe Camtasia/Camtasia Relay
  • iTunes U
  • Sympodium and Smart Board Software
  • Sakai
  • Tegrity
Faculty Consultation
Individual and small group consultations are available to faculty for instructional method and media support. Call the Educational Technologies and Services office for an appointment. MSB 1164, (251) 460-6317.
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Specifications for Student Notebooks 2014 Updated 28 May 2014
Continuing Medical Education
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More About Department Services
ETS Services
Freeware Favorites Updated 16 September 2014
Faculty Consultation
Call the Educational Technologies and Services office for an individual or small group faculty consultation:  (251) 460-6317.
Multimedia Development
Scheduling for video, audio, video conferencing, or any multi-media educational project:  (251) 460-6318.
Multimedia Warehouse
Dedicated server for faculty to upload lectures or other media rich instructional content for students.
Classroom Support
Educational Technologies and Services provide support to a number of classrooms with teaching technologies. Some equipment is provided upon request while other rooms have dedicated fixed installations.
Click HERE for a table showing rooms with dedicated equipment.
Medical Science Building(MSB): 460-7600, pager (251)425-2241
USAMC/Mastin:  contact 471-7086 (0ffice); 425-2296 (pager); or at the control booth at USAMC Conference Room at 471-7376.
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