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There is a great need for concern regarding the healthcare of several groups of people in Metropolitan Mobile and the Gulf Coast Region (which includes Southern Alabama, Southeast Mississippi and Southwest Florida). In fact, these areas have some of the most desperate health concerns in the country. The health disparities in the region's large African American population in many instances exceed the national average. Similar problems persist in the area's Native American and growing Hispanic and Asian communities. The region also has a growing senior population with unique health needs and concerns that must be addressed as well. These and other special needs of people in the Gulf Coast Region constitute challenges and opportunities for the University of South Alabama to help develop healthy communities and improve the lives of people it serves.

Exemplifying their strong desire to alleviate such health disparities, USA introduced the Center for Healthy Communities (CHC). By providing research, analysis and information on matters of community health and building partnerships to foster healthier communities, the CHC is striving to improve the quality of healthcare, and thus life, for individuals in Mobile and surrounding areas.


As a fundamental component of the Center for Healthy Communities and the Center for Excellence the RESEARCH CORE supports and develops efforts aimed at increasing and supporting quality, impactful research focused on the elimination of health disparities in the South Alabama region.  Currently the main efforts of the research core are focused on examining access to health carehealth promotion, and disease prevention.   The main activities of the core include:

1) To foster the consolidation of the Health Disparities Research Group (HDRG) as a vehicle for the generation of Community Based Participatory Research (CBPR) projects aiming at the attainment of health equality; and

2) To provide ongoing conceptual and practical support for the active research projects.


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