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2011-2012 Residency Handbook information regarding requests:

Annual Leave -- Vacation

Special Request -- Specific week-ends off, other specific requests

Leave for Interviews -- Submit as Special Request

Subspecialty Rotations 

Elective Requests

Annual Leave (Vacation)

There are four weeks of annual leave per year.  These are taken as four separate vacations of five working days per calendar month.  There are no guaranteed weekends off with a vacation, however, every effort will be made to provide at least one weekend off when possible.  In order to take two weeks consecutively, the resident must schedule a week at the end of one month and a week at the beginning of the next month. See Two-Week vacation details below.

BE ADVISED: To be eligible to take the American Board of Pediatrics Certification Examination, the Program Director must document that each resident completed 33 full months of residency training.  Four weeks (20 week days) of vacation per year is the maximum allowed time off.  Therefore, no additional time prior to or following the scheduled vacation time is allowed.  Residents must be available for any possible assigned duty up to midnight of the day prior to vacation beginning, and beginning at 6 AM on the first day after vacation.  Specifically, residents cannot make travel arrangements that preclude their availability on the day prior to scheduled vacation or the day following.  If there is a delay in return for any reason, the resident will be placed on unpaid leave and will be required to make up the missed time at the end of the academic year.  This will delay the final completion date for residency.


•·         July 1 until after annual In-Training Examination

•·         Residents' Day (scholarly activity presentations) in October for PGY-3 residents

•·         Last two weeks of December

•·         Last two weeks of June for PGY-1 and PGY-2 residents

Vacationable Rotations

•·         CMC (except Categorical Pediatrics PGY-3)

•·         Community Pediatrics

•·         Evaluation Center (PGY-1's only)

•·         Newborn Nursery (PGY-1's only)

•·         Subspecialty rotations (Except Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine)

•·         Elective rotations

Residents are solicited each Spring to submit their vacation time preferences.  Every effort is made to arrange the rotation schedule to accommodate these requests.  Requests for specific days off within the month are made through the PedsWeb only.  No other forms of communication are acceptable.  Requests should be submitted at least 90 days prior to the beginning of the month in which vacation is to be taken (except first three months of the academic year).  Vacation days are assigned based on timeliness of requests and seniority.  If vacation requests are not submitted in advance, a reminder will be sent.  If no request for specific days off is submitted, vacation will be assigned by the Chief Resident.

Summary of steps to requesting a vacation:

1.        Request the DESIRED VACATION MONTHS  when notified by the Chief Residents each Spring.  This will be done through a special online form that can be accessed at the appropriate time.  When planning for these vacations, take into consideration family events, weddings, graduations, birthdays, etc.  Also consider the desirability of breaks throughout the academic year, rather than clustering your vacations into a short period of time.  As a reminder, the overall rotation schedule for each year is determined by the months vacations are scheduled.

2.        Request the SPECIFIC WORK DAYS after the rotation schedule has been published and no later than 90 days prior to the beginning of the month.  Requests for specific days are made through PedsWeb.

3.        DO NOT MAKE TRAVEL ARRANGEMENTS OR OTHER COMMITMENTS until your vacation is verified on the monthly call schedule.

Two-Week Vacations

•·         Back to back vacations across the end of one month and the beginning of the next month are the only way to take a two week vacation.

•·         Scheduling of two-week vacations must be balanced so as to minimize the time off on each of the two rotations.  Options for the 2011-2012 academic year are:

•o    July-August                             July 25 - August 5

•o    August-September                  August 25 -  September 7 OR August 29 - September 9

•o    September-October                                September 26 - October 7

•o    October-November                 October 25 -  November 7 OR October 24 - November 4

•o    November-December             November 24 - December 7 OR November 28 - December 9

•o    December-January                  NOT AVAILABLE

•o    January-February                    January 25 - February 7 OR January 23 -  February 3

•o    February-March                      February 23 - March 7 OR February 27 - March 9

•o    March-April                             March 26 - April 6

•o    April-May                                April 24 - May 7 OR April 23 - May 4

•o    May-June                                                May 25 - June 7 OR May 28 - June 8

•·         Two-week vacations must comply with the "Be Advised" section above.


Special Requests

Requests for specific special considerations, such as not being on-call a specific weekend, are considered as follows:

•·         Must be submitted through the Special Requests form on PedsWeb  prior to the call schedule for the involved time period being published.

•·         Every possible effort to accommodate requests will be made, however, no plans should be made involving a requested time period unless notified by the Chief Resident that the request is approved or when verified on the monthly call schedule.

•·         Special requests for changing an assigned duty in a month with a published call schedule is the responsibility of the requesting resident.  Any changes worked out must be communicated to the Chief Resident.

Leave for Interviews

Decisions about after-residency employment or fellowship will often need to be made during the course of residency.  Interviews are frequently required as part of the decision-making process.  Interviews for employment or fellowship are excellent learning opportunities about the real-life application of pediatrics and are incorporated into the on-duty schedule instead of requiring use of vacation time up to five interviews.  Interviews must be scheduled during vacationable months.  Any exceptions must be discussed with the Chief Resident and the Program Director.

A request for leave for an interview should be submitted through the Special Requests form on the PedsWeb.  All requests will be reviewed and decided upon by the Program Director or Chief Resident.  Do not make commitments or travel arrangements unless you have received approval of the request from the Program Director or Chief Resident.

Requests for interview leave should:

•·         Be submitted as far in advance as possible

•·         Be submitted for the shortest possible time to accomplish the interview

•·         Be discussed with Program Director if unusual circumstances exist, in addition to submitting through the online form

If a leave is approved on short notice, i.e. after the call schedule for the involved time has already been published, it will be the responsibility of the resident to arrange coverage for any call responsibilities that occur during the leave period. Conflicts with scheduled continuity clinics must be discussed with Dr. Savells.  Details of who will be covering each responsibility have to be given to the Chief Resident prior to departure.  Leave cannot be taken, even if initially approved, if call and continuity clinic coverage are not arranged.

If leave is approved with longer notice, i.e. prior to the call schedule for the involved time being published, call and continuity clinic responsibilities will be arranged around the leave.  Full call and clinic responsibility for the month will be scheduled around the leave. 

Time absent for interviews that has not been pre-approved will be considered unpaid leave and will have to be made up at the end of the academic year with subsequent delay in completing residency-a problem for residents planning on fellowship. 


Subspecialty rotations are scheduled after the annual block schedule is completed.  All subspecialty rotations initially appear on the block schedule as "subspecialty."  All subspecialties are limited to 1-2 residents per month.  Requests for specific subspecialties for each academic year are submitted at one time through an online form at a predetermined time.  Subspecialty rotation assignments are determined only by the Residency Leadership Team.  Priority of assigning rotations is determined based on needs for fellowship application, seniority and timing of request submission.  Once the schedule is published, requests for changes are made through the Chief Resident.

There are two required subspecialities that all residents are automatically scheduled:  Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine. 

In addition to these required rotations, four rotations must be taken from the following:

•·         Allergy/Immunology

•·         Cardiology

•·         Endocrine/Metabolism

•·         Gastroenterology

•·         Genetics

•·         Hematology/Oncology

•·         Infectious Diseases

•·         Nephrology

•·         Neurology

•·         Pulmonology


After your two required rotations and four additional rotations from the above list have been scheduled, you may choose additional subspecialty rotations.  These include:


•·         All subspecialties above

•·         Healthy Life Center

•·         Pediatric Orthopedics

•·         Pediatric Radiology

•·         Pediatric Surgery

•·         Anesthesiology


Each resident has one month of elective time, generally in the third year, used to meet long-term career goals.  This month can be used to obtain training in areas that have not been previously addressed during the residency experience, repeat prior experiences that additional exposure is desired in including PICU or NICU, research, and/or away rotations.  All elective requests must be submitted to the Program Director via PedsWeb at least three months prior to the beginning of the rotation.  Approval of request by the Program Director must be obtained before making travel arrangements and before making a commitment to any individual or institution.


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