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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply?

All applicants must apply through ERAS. If you are selected for a candidate interview, our Residency Program Coordinator will contact you via phone or e-mail to arrange a suitable date and time.

Do you offer pre-match contracts?

No, we work strictly through the National Resident Matching Program. We, as a policy, do not reveal our rank list to candidates prior to match day.

Do you offer visa sponsorship?

We offer only J1 visa.

Is there a medical school graduation cut-off date for applicants?

In most cases, we require graduation within the past five years.

Is there a minimum USMLE or COMLEX score for applicants?

No, but a history of multiple failures will make an applicant less competitive for our program.

What are the demographics of the patient population we serve?

We have a good mix of variety in age, socioeconomic status, race, and insurance coverage. We have a large number of pediatric patients. We have racially and ethnically diverse patient population . We are primary physicians for a large number of hospital employees. We provide care for uninsured, Medicaid, Medicare, and privately insured patients.

What is our call schedule?

All call is phone call from home.

  • PGY-1 do not take overnight call.
  • PGY-2 takes approximately 5-6 calls a month.
  • PGY-3 takes approximately 4-5 calls a month.

How much personal/family life/family time do our residents get?

In general, residents get a lot of free time during their residency.  Most months, you enjoy 2-3 weekends free of all responsibilities.

Where do most residents live?

The majority of residents (Department of Psychiatry and other specialties) live in an area of Mobile known as Midtown that is within a few mile radius of the hospitals and clinic. Some residents live in West Mobile, which is about a 20 minute drive from the hospitals and clinic. Others live "across the bay" in the Eastern Shore towns of Spanish Fort, Daphne, or Fairhope which are also about a 20 minute drive. Housing is affordable on a resident's salary, either renting or purchasing.

What moonlighting opportunities are available?

PGY 2-4 Residents are allowed to moonlight after obtaining an independent Alabama license.  Moonlighting is not allowed to interfere with regular residency duties.

How well do residents get along with each other?

Our residents are a very cohesive group. We have "out of hospital" social activities at least once a month, but groups of residents often get together for dinner, movies, trips to the beach, holiday get-togethers, birthdays, etc.

How are resident-faculty interactions?

Our attendings are very approachable and easy going. They work with residents with a vested interest in their learning and well-being. They are always eager to teach.

Is research required?

We encourage but do not require research.

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