Associate Professor
Postdoctoral Studies: University of Florida College of Medicine
Ph.D. - Texas A & M University

Recent Publications

Research Interests:
This laboratory is currently investigating hormones derived from the blastocyst, placenta, ovary and uterus and their role in implantation, maintenance of pregnancy and parturition. The studies involve the isolation ad characterization of these proteins, the development of antibodies and radioimmunoassays to monitor hormonal levels. To date, we have studied oxytocin (ovary), relaxin (placenta and uterus) and trophoblast protein (blastocyst). Tissue culture techniques are utilized along with autoradiography and immunocytochemistry to determine the cellular organelles responsible for the packaging, storage and secretion of these hormones. Co-culture techniques are being used to study the cell-cell interactions between placental trophoblast and uterine epithelial cells and how this interaction may be involved in the process of implantation and uterine growth to accommodate fetal growth. In vivo studies (rabbit model) are conducted in order to determine the physiological impact of the in vitro findings.

Representative Publications:
Ndikum-Moffor FM, Simmen ECM, Fields PA, Katoh N, Oikawa S, Buhi WC, Rollyson MK,Chang S-MT,Fields MJ. Synthesis and Messenger Ribonucliec Acid Expression of Apolipoproteins E and A-1 by the Bovine Corpus Luteum during the Estrous Cycle and Pregnancy. Biol Reprod 56:745-756 (1997).

LeDoux SP, Cheun-chen S, Grishko VI, Fields PA, Gard AL, Wilson GL. Glial Cell-Specific Differences in Response to Alkylation Damage. Glia 24:304-12 (1998).

Sherwood OD, Fields PA. Corpus Luteum, Nonsteroids Produced By. In: Encyclopedia of Reproduction. Academic Press; Eds: E Knobil, JD Neill pp 718-730 (1999).

Fields PA, Lee VH, Jetter A, Chang S-MT, Fields MJ. B-Chain Sequence and In Situ Hybridization of the Rabbit Placental Relaxin-Like Gene Product. Biol Reprod 61:527-532 (1999).

Peters CA, Cutler RE Jr, Maizels ET, Robertson MC, Shiu RP, Fields P, Hunzicker_Dunn M. Regulation of PKCd by estrogen and rat placental lactogen_1 in luteinized rat ovarian granulosa cells. Mol Cell Endo 162:181-191 (2000).

Brandon JC, Izenberg SD, Fields PA, Evankovich C, Wilson G, Teplick SK. Pancreatic Clefts Caused by Penetrating Vessels: A Potential Diagnostic Pitfall for Pancreatic Fracture on CT. Emerg Radiol 7:283-286 (2000).

Zhao, S., Fields PA, Sherwood OD. Evidence that relaxin inhibits apoptosis in the cervix and the vagina during the second half of pregnancy in the rat. Endocrinology 142:2221-2229 (2001).

Simovich, M, Hainsworth, LN, Fields, PA, Umbreit, JN, Conrad, ME. Localization of the iron transport proteins Mobilferrin and DMT-1 in the duodenum: the surprising role of mucin. Am J Hematol. 74:32-45 (2003).

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