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Pediatrics Interest Group

childlifepic2.jpgThe Pediatrics Interest Group is a student organization aimed to serve the pediatric community and promote interest in Pediatrics as a life-long rewarding career. Our members are able to gain hands-on experience and exposure to careers in pediatrics by shadowing local physicians in academic and community-based medical facilities. The group serves Mobile's pediatric community through its continued participation in various community service events.

The interest group is open to all USACOM students who are interested in Pediatrics and who want to learn about the variety of career options in the specialty. There will be at least two meetings per semester with opportunities for students to gain community service hours credited toward the requirements for their Behavioral Science class.


Current Officers

Faculty/Sponsor: Dr. Franklin Trimm
Events Coordinator: Rita Harper
President: Gretchen Vandiver
Co-Vice Presidents: Rebekah Fraizer and Olivia Butters
Secretary: Sarita Wagle
Community Outreach: Hannah Kinard, Sarah Mayberry and Jennifer Black
Leadership Council: Courtney OchoaMathew Coghill and Meghan Benak


Residency Selection Resources

Selecting a Residency (PDF, 68 kb)

Writing Your Personal Statement (PDF, 89 kb)

Interviewing for Residency (PDF, 83 kb)



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