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"I have been in the choir since I was a little girl. It has always been a passion of mine to sing. When you start singing, you get happy.

In 2000, my baby was diagnosed with lupus, and I found out that I could get lupus later on in life. Eventually, my blood pressure became uncontrollable, and my blood count was low. My rheumatologist admitted me into USA Medical Center, and I was put on dialysis.

Before I started dialysis, I didn't have the breath to hold a note. Now, I am able to sing and go through life without getting tired. Because of my at-home dialysis, I am also able to work full time.

I am very thankful for Dr. Sabrina Bessette, my dialysis doctor. She makes me feel like part of the family."

Konda Carroll
Mobile, AL

Konda Carroll - "I'm Singing Again!" from USA Health System on Vimeo.



"While cruising on River Road in Vancleave, Mississippi, I lost control of my motorcycle. After being thrown from my bike, I suffered from significant head trauma, a lacerated liver, kidney and spleen damage, and my right shoulder was completely crushed. When the ambulance arrived I wanted to be taken to USA Medical Center, and my friends who were with me made sure that happened.

I'm convinced the decision to bring me here saved my life and helped me recover from the injuries I had. The real success was my capability to come back to work. I honestly did not think that I would be able to come back, due to the extensive nature of my injuries. You change when an accident like this happens to you, and I began to appreciate what I do at work as well as at home even more."

Bill Bush
Mobile, Alabama

Bill Bush - "I'm Back to Work!" from USA Health System on Vimeo.



"Last year, I was at a Bible study when I got a horrible headache. Soon after, I lost my ability to walk, and things were going downhill fast. USA Medical Center had a staff that was fully ready to receive me when I arrived.

The doctors found that a malignant melanoma that was removed from my leg 14 years ago caused a tumor to form in my brain. The tumor bled out, causing a stroke. After leaving the hospital, I began treatment at the USA Mitchell Cancer Institute.

As bad as the stroke was, something good came from it because we were alerted that I had cancer. After my stroke, I began to think about my desire to home school my children, and I was concerned that I may not be able to return to that lifestyle. Now, I feel like I am getting some normalcy back into my life. It is great to be taking care of my family again."

Kathy Starling

Kathy Starling - "I'm Caring for My Family Again!" from USA Health System on Vimeo.



"When I found out I was pregnant with twins I was very shocked, but also excited. I had a lot of complications. I developed preeclampsia and spent a lot of time in the hospital near the end of my pregnancy.

Dr. Varner and Dr. Lewis were with me every step of the way.

When the twins were born, they were big and healthy enough that they didn't have to go to the NICU. They went straight to the newborn nursery, and I got to hold them the next day.

My experiences at USA were magnificent. Everyone was so nice. So far, being a mom has been a lot of fun. I am blessed with how healthy they are, and I have the best of both worlds -- a boy and a girl."

Trish Compagno

Trish Compagno - "I Have the Best of Both Worlds!" from USA Health System on Vimeo.



"I was diagnosed in 2008 with pulmonary hypertension, high blood pressure of the heart and lungs. It had become harder to do day-to-day things without getting winded. I got to the point where I was put on oxygen and needed 24-hour nursing care. God blessed me with Dr. Fagan and she turned my condition around. Now, I'm feeling fantastic.

I teach second grade boys at Bay Community Church, and I adore them. If the treatment wasn't what it was, I couldn't teach them. My treatment at USA Medical Center has been phenomenal, and I feel very blessed."

Denise Payne
Mobile, Alabama

Denise Payne - "I'm Volunteering Again!" from USA Health System on Vimeo.



"In 2010, I was working at a motorcycle shop and wrecked while going for a test drive. I sustained a very serious break to my femur and was taken to USA Medical Center. I had the absolute best medical team I could have wished for caring for me. Five months after surgery I was walking on my own.

Not only is bicycling a surrogate for doing what I love, but it's also been extremely helpful in getting my strength back. I will continue to ride my bike and maybe one day get back on motorcycles when I feel I'm ready."

Tyler Hanks
Mobile, Alabama

Tyler Hanks - "I'm Back on Two Wheels!" from USA Health System on Vimeo.



"At one time, I could hear my heart beat so loud that it scared me. I went to the cardiologist, and she said it was my heart fibrillating and that I would most likely need surgery.

Because of my condition, there were things I had stopped doing and places I had stopped going. After surgery, I was able to go back to substitute teaching, which I love. Dr. Massey has brought me a long way. This experience completely changed my life, and I'm glad to be back."

Dorothy Franklin
Mobile, Alabama

Dorothy Franklin - "I'm Teaching Again!" from USA Health System on Vimeo.



"All my life I've been overweight. I tried weight loss programs but always gained the weight back.

This time when I decided to lose weight it was more for my health than it was for vanity reasons. My blood pressure was elevating, my cholesterol was high, and I was suffering from arthritis. My weight was out of control.

I had bariatric surgery in January 2012. I lost 110 pounds in eight months and have maintained my weight for a year. Since bariatric surgery, my lifestyle has changed completely.

Now, I am cooking for my health, and I'm much happier."

Kitsy Bridges
Mobile, Alabama

Kitsy Bridges - "I'm Cooking for My Health!" from USA Health System on Vimeo.



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