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"I was diagnosed in 2008 with pulmonary hypertension, high blood pressure of the heart and lungs. It had become harder to do day-to-day things without getting winded. I got to the point where I was put on oxygen and needed 24-hour nursing care. God blessed me with Dr. Fagan and she turned my condition around. Now, I'm feeling fantastic.

I teach second grade boys at Bay Community Church, and I adore them. If the treatment wasn't what it was, I couldn't teach them. My treatment at USA Medical Center has been phenomenal, and I feel very blessed."

Denise Payne
Mobile, Alabama

Denise Payne - "I'm Volunteering Again!" from USA Health System on Vimeo.



"In 2010, I was working at a motorcycle shop and wrecked while going for a test drive. I sustained a very serious break to my femur and was taken to USA Medical Center. I had the absolute best medical team I could have wished for caring for me. Five months after surgery I was walking on my own.

Not only is bicycling a surrogate for doing what I love, but it's also been extremely helpful in getting my strength back. I will continue to ride my bike and maybe one day get back on motorcycles when I feel I'm ready."

Tyler Hanks
Mobile, Alabama

Tyler Hanks - "I'm Back on Two Wheels!" from USA Health System on Vimeo.



"At one time, I could hear my heart beat so loud that it scared me. I went to the cardiologist, and she said it was my heart fibrillating and that I would most likely need surgery.

Because of my condition, there were things I had stopped doing and places I had stopped going. After surgery, I was able to go back to substitute teaching, which I love. Dr. Massey has brought me a long way. This experience completely changed my life, and I'm glad to be back."

Dorothy Franklin
Mobile, Alabama

Dorothy Franklin - "I'm Teaching Again!" from USA Health System on Vimeo.



"All my life I've been overweight. I tried weight loss programs but always gained the weight back.

This time when I decided to lose weight it was more for my health than it was for vanity reasons. My blood pressure was elevating, my cholesterol was high, and I was suffering from arthritis. My weight was out of control.

I had bariatric surgery in January 2012. I lost 110 pounds in eight months and have maintained my weight for a year. Since bariatric surgery, my lifestyle has changed completely.

Now, I am cooking for my health, and I'm much happier."

Kitsy Bridges
Mobile, Alabama

Kitsy Bridges - "I'm Cooking for My Health!" from USA Health System on Vimeo.



"Three years ago I was playing ultimate frisbee and had a small ache in my chest. At USA Medical Center, they found one clogged artery and put one stent in. Three months later I had the same ache. This time they found two blockages and put four more stents in.

My wife and I live on a small farm, and I do a lot of physical work. I just can't emphasize enough how uninterrupted my life was.

If I hadn't gone to USA Medical Center, I'm sure that I would have been disabled, and I might have even lost my life. I'm still enjoying the activities I enjoyed when I was in my thirties and forties. I'm happy to be 69 and still moving!"

Bill Tate
Mobile, Alabama

Bill Tate - "I’m Playing Again!" from USA Health System on Vimeo.



"Prior to having weight loss surgery at USA Medical Center, I was a diabetic and had to take eight to nine insulin shots every day. My primary care doctor in Pensacola told me that my kidneys were failing because of diabetes complications and that I most likely would be on dialysis for the rest of my life.

My illness prevented me from doing the things I enjoyed – camping and bike riding with my family. I hardly left the house.

Since the surgery, I am off insulin and no longer have kidney problems. Now, I look forward to waking up each day and spending quality time with my family."

Tina Kressler
Foley, Alabama

Tina Kressler - "I just feel so much better about myself" from USA Health System on Vimeo.



"On February 26, 2010, I was hit head on by a drunk driver, and the accident left me severely injured. My leg was forced eight inches into my back, my arm was crushed and I had a severe chest injury. When I was cut from the car, the nerves to my foot were severed.

I was airlifted to the USA Medical Center, where I spent the next eight weeks.

Little by little, the doctors at USA performed surgeries to allow me to function like I used to prior to my accident. I am extremely grateful to them for allowing me to be who I was before."

Vicki Horn Gray
Mobile, Alabama

Vicki Gray - "I'm Feeling Stronger Each Day!" from USA Health System on Vimeo.



"The first question we heard during the ultrasound was, 'Do twins run in your family?'

We were shocked when we found out we were having twins, but we’re very excited. We chose Dr. Frankie Bodie with USA Children’s & Women’s Hospital because they have a Level 3 Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, which is especially important to us now that we know we’re having twins.

My obstetrician tells me that in order to take care of myself, I need to listen to my body, eat healthy and exercise, which are things I did even before I was pregnant. Exercising is now even more important to me because I’m trying to keep myself and my babies healthy.”

Jennifer Myer
Mobile, Alabama

Jennifer Myer - “The first question we heard was ‘Do twins run in your family?’“ from USA Health System on Vimeo.


Update: Jennifer had her twins at USA Children's & Women's Hospital in August, and they're doing great! Please join us in welcoming them to the USA family!



"We found out we were having twins, and the pregnancy was great until, at 34 weeks, an ultrasound showed that Carley had an abnormal spot in her brain.

Carley’s malformation is pretty rare and potentially debilitating. We were very nervous.

We were reassured when we met Dr. Cordina. From the very beginning, he treated Carley as his own. He put out a plan in front of us to put our minds at ease. He had this confidence about him, and we realized, as a father himself, he would take personal and professional interest in Carley.

Carley’s treatment required three procedures. Now, we have our happy little girl back. We can’t thank Dr. Cordina and USA Hospitals enough for how much they gave us. It’s the best gift a parent could ask for."

Jessica Franklin and Zach Staehling
Biloxi, Mississippi

Jessica Franklin and Zach Staehling - “We have our little girl back!" from USA Health System on Vimeo.



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