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Welcome to the Interdisciplinary Graduate Program
in Basic Medical Sciences

The program awards the Ph.D. degree in Basic Medical Science and is designed for students interested in careers in biomedical investigation.

The program provides training which can lead to academic careers in universities or medical institutions, or to a wide variety of research or administrative positions in government, non-profit or industry settings.

The program combines an interdisciplinary core curriculum, advanced coursework and original research, and is designed to give students a broad interdisciplinary base and flexibility. Research training and advanced study are offered in seven formal advanced programs. Students have excellent opportunities for one-on-one interaction with faculty, the benefit of small classes, and excellent research training with nationally funded and recognized investigators.

Graduate faculty within the College of Medicine are well funded from the National Institutes of Health and other extramural sources. Total extramural funding for the USA College of Medicine exceeded $26 million in the 2004 fiscal year. Funding per faculty member in the Basic Sciences ranks at the 50 percentile among all medical schools in the United States, as determined by the American Association of Medical Colleges. The USA Mitchell Cancer Institute and the Center for Lung Biology offer exciting opportunities for focused graduate training and research.

All students in the Ph.D. program receive a competitive stipend for full-time study. This includes Alabama residents, out-of state U.S. citizens or permanent residents, and foreign nationals. The current stipend is $23,000 per year. In addition, all students receive a full tuition waiver and single coverage health insurance. Fees are the responsibility of the student, and currently amount to $556.00 per semester. Loans are available from conventional sources through the University Financial Aid Office.

Mobile is a port city on the Gulf Coast with approximately 750,000 residents in the metropolitan area. Cost of living in Mobile is less than the national average. Abundant reasonably priced housing is available nearby the main University campus, which is located in a quiet, established residential area in western Mobile. On-campus housing offers an affordable alternative. Information about Mobile and the surrounding area can be found at the Mobile Chamber of Commerce web site.

Click here to download the BMS Student Handbook [PDF].

Annual Security and Fire Safety Report - The University of South Alabama publishes certain crime statistics for the most recent three-year period as required by the Jeanne Clery Act. The Annual Security and Fire Safety Report is required by federal law and contains policy statements and crime statistics for the school. The report, along with additional information, is available online at: You may also request a paper copy from the University Police office located at 290 Stadium Blvd, Beta Gamma Commons Building, Mobile, AL 36688.



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