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Neurological Surgery

Anthony Martino, M.D., Professor and Interim Chair

3715 Dauphin Street
Springhill Medical Center, Building 2, Suite 4A


Faculty Advisors to Senior Students

Dr. Eugene Quindlen
Dr. George Rusyniak

Informal Description of the Clinical Discipline

Relatively speaking, the field of neuroscience is in its infancy. Although there have been great advances in diagnostic ability with the CAT and MRI scans, new methods are developing currently concerning stereotactic and functional surgery.  Electrostimulation may well compensate for certain brain dysfunctions. Replacement or chemotherapy for movement disorders are on the horizon. Because of the wide variety of treatment modalities now being developed by other specialties, an area of opportunity for the future of the neurosciences lies in the collaborations developing the treatment of chronic conditions related to pain and functional disabilities.

Neurosurgery plans to capitalize on all these new methods and advance the science. The future neurosurgeon will need to be a skilled diagnostician,  electrophysiologist, pharmacotherapeutist as well as technician. Only those in the top 10% of the class should consider neurosurgery as a career since the entry points are that competitive.

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