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Meet the Professor

The Meet the Professor series shares the academic lives and careers of our CLB faculty. In this series, we take an in depth look at where our faculty member started, and the life and career decisions that impacted where they went, what they studied, and how the did. We look at their successes and their failures, and probe how these outcomes impacted their next career stage(s). This series is a personal tribute to the lives we lead. You see from this series that not all life decisions are scripted, that the reasons for why decisions are made are not always clear, and that life changes along the journey repeatedly probe our value systems. Enjoy this personal tour through our faculty's life experiences. We invite you to 'see who we are'. The schematic shown on the left illustrates the journey. The Latin words Reputatio Opus Vita shown in the banner mean to consider life's work; a look back at what we have learned through our academic journeys.

In the video below, Dr. Wagner tells about his experiences with mentor Dr. Bob Grover. You also can view the video on Vimeo and YouTube.


When Stars Align from USA Health System on Vimeo.


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