Roger S. Lane, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, retired

Ph.D., University of Michigan,1969

Research Interests:

Previous research in Dr. Lane's laboratory focused on the effects of aging on protein metabolism. These studies dealt with the potential mechanisms that underlie the accumulation of abnormal protein molecules in senescent cells, leading to the discovery of several unusual and functionally distinct proteases. Another focus of research was on basic studies of enzyme metabolism. Dr. Lane's research merited three grants from National Institutes of Health over a ten year period. Four graduate students and three postdoctoral students matriculated from his laboratory.

During his research career Dr. Lane developed a strong interest in teaching which he has performed over the last several years. He has won the distinction as Best Basic Science Professor in the College of Medicine for the last five years. He was also awarded the State University of New York Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Teaching. In recent years he has been invited as a guest lecturer to medical schools throughout the country including Rush Medical College, Michigan State University and Texas College of Medicine to name a few. Dr. Lane is the course director for the required Biochemistry and Molecular Biology courses GMS 620 Enzymes and Proteins and GMS 520, 521 Medical Biochemistry.

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