University of South Alabama

The USA Center for Healthy Communities is designed to complement and augment existing programs and activities at the University and those of other organizations in the Mobile area. This will include: 

A.    Working closely with centers and institutes at USA (i.e., Cancer Research Institute, Stroke Center, Sickle Cell, Telemedicine, Rural Health, medical centers and hospitals, etc.) to  help bring the best possible health care, research, technology, education and training to bear for eliminating health disparities and creating healthy communities in the Gulf Coast Region;

B.   Building collaborative partnerships with all sectors of the USA community; Achieving Healthy Communities is not just a medical issue. There are economic, educational, sociological, policy, technological, and other issues that must also be addressed;

C.   Establishing strong and productive relationships with communities served by the University of South Alabama and working collaboratively with communities to plan and design programs to address health related issues; and

D.   Enhancing existing and fostering new relationships with public health departments, community health centers, religious organizations and community-based organizations to better understand and address health issues.



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