USA Internal Medicine Interest Group (IMIG)

The IMIG facilitates the understanding of internal medicine, not just as an integral part of the medical curriculum, but also to provide practitioners' perspectives. It encourages students to examine various opportunities available in the field of internal medicine and expand their learning horizons regarding the relationships of internal medicine with other medical specialties ranging from the role of hospitalists to clinical practitioners, while reflecting upon the scope and pathways to other specialties like cardiology, gastroenterology, or infectious disease.

Each Fall IMIG launches a mentoring program for the juniors and seniors of USA's Early Acceptance Medical Program to opportunity for the EAP undergrads to have someone to turn to and seek advice in regards to Pre-med curriculum, interviewing, medical school etc. The IMIG also offers a Q&A session regarding residency and interviewing. Other projects include panel discussions, forums, and interactions with current residents and program directors.

The USA IMIG strongly encourages students to become a member of American College of Physicians (ACP).


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Sponsor Sheryl Pesnell: 

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Current Officers

Faculty: Dr. TJ Hundley
Sheryl Pesnell
Alex Wiles
Vice President:
Beth Terry
Matthew Robson
Ashton Vautier
Volunteer Chairman:
Katie Glosemeyer
SGA Liaison:
Luke Edge
PR/Communications Chair:
Jorden Smith


Calendar of Events



Orientation Fair: Meet with interested 1st year medical students about the opportunities that ACP has to offer.



Exploring the field of Internal Medicine: Discussion is led by Dr. T J Hundley focusing on general internal medicine as well as private practice vs. hospitalist work.

The Interview Trail - The Do's and the Don'ts: This is a Q&A session geared towards the 4th year medical students to answer any questions regarding ERAS, personal statements, LORs, CV, and the interview process.



Kick off Mentoring Program: 1st and 2nd medical students serve as year long mentors to undergraduate students in the Early Acceptance Program. It is designed in such a way as to provide longitudinal development for the undergrads, allowing them to have the same mentor as they transition from junior to senior year.


Mentoring students for early acceptance to medical school.November

Simulation Lab: Specifically geared for 1st year medical students, IM residents set up workshops in our simulation lab, allowing students to learn and practice procedures such as central line, thoracentesis, lumbar puncture, and phlebotomy.



10 Reasons for Rheumatology: Discussion is led by rheumatologist Dr. Jong Baliog who highlighted different aspects of this sub-specialization as well as common conditions seen in an outpatient setting.



Introduction to the Field of Med/Peds: This meeting serves as an open forum for students to learn more about this field and the combined subspecialty fellowships offered in med/peds.

Mentor/Mentee Mixer: A mixer is held to allow the mentors and mentees to come together and touch base regarding the application process or interviews



Simulation Lab: Specifically geared for 2nd year medical students, IM residents set up workshops in the simulation lab that allowed the students to learn and practice procedures such as central line, thoracentesis, lumbar puncture, and phlebotomy.

Q&A on Match/Residency: Panel of 4th year medical students answer questions about the process of applying for residencies, interview season, etc. Typically our most popular meeting!



The election is held for IMIG officers.


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