The USA High Risk OB/GYN unit is designed for women at risk with medical or surgical problems prior to and after delivery. The High Risk OB/GYN Unit and the Hiram W. Mendenhall, M.D., Labor and Delivery Unit are the regional referral center for high-risk obstetrical patients for the Gulf Coast region.

Visiting Information

General Guidelines

Our guidelines are intended to provide a family relationship that allows younger siblings to see their mother and their newborn sibling.

For the safety of the mother and newborn infant:

  • An adult should accompany children at all times.
  • Visiting children should be healthy and free from any communicable disease.
  • All visitors may be asked to leave during nursing care or when physicians are making their rounds.
  • Noise or activity in the halls or in the patient’s room should be kept to a minimum.
  • Failure to comply with any of the above may result in a loss of the visiting privileges for the children.
    Because there is an occasion for the mother to be readmitted to the hospital after delivery, these guidelines should apply in order for her infant to stay in the room:
  • An adult should be present to care for the infant at all times.
  • Bottles, milk and clothing items (including diapers) should be furnished by the family.
  • The nurses and staff cannot be responsible for the care of the infant.

Contact Information

Nurse Manager - Sharon Lewis


High-Risk OB/GYN is located on the third floor of USA Children’s & Women’s Hospital. Our telephone number is (251) 415-1350.

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