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Welcome to the University of South Alabama Graduate Medical Education Programs, and thank you for your interest in our training programs. With a long history of training physicians, the University of South Alabama and its affiliated hospitals provide training in 18 fully ACGME-accredited residency and fellowship programs (links below) to over 240 physicians in training. The medical and administrative staff of the University of South Alabama Health System and College of Medicine are committed to providing educational programs, culminating in the trainees' ability to practice independently within the context of the healthcare delivery system.McQuiston.jpg

The missions of our programs are to develop the clinical competency, medical knowledge, and professional attributes of physicians, to promote the safe and effective care for patients and to advance the art of healing through quality improvement and medical research. Residents and fellows in our training programs are integrated into the USA Health System with the majority of their training centered in the USA Medical Center, the Children's and Women's Hospital and the Mitchell Cancer Institute via clinical experience under the guidance and supervision of our faculty members and medical staff. As residents and fellows gain experience and demonstrate growth in their ability to care for patients, they assume roles that permit them to exercise those skills with greater independence, allowing for graded and progressive responsibility.

As an alumnus of the USA Graduate Medical Education Programs, I know our highly qualified and dedicated faculty members provide exemplary training. As a faculty member and former program director, I know that our programs strive to provide high quality training and prepare residents and fellows for competent medical practice and a life of personal advancement. As a member of the institutional leadership and chair of the Graduate Medical Education Committee, I know that the University of South Alabama is committed to providing the necessary educational, financial, and human resources to support medical education in an ethical and professional environment. I know that if you take a good look at our Graduate Medical Education Programs that you will see this as well. I invite you to learn more about our programs, our facilities and our people.

Samuel A. McQuiston, M.D.
Assistant Dean, Graduate Medical Education

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USA Children's & Women's Hospital Completes Expansion

The University of South Alabama Children's & Women's Hospital dedicated a new, five-level, 195,000-square-foot expansion on Sept. 12, 2013 and completed the finishing touches on the project in the summer of 2014. The $72.6 million expansion, funded by the USA Health System, the USA Foundation and private gifts, features more space for the hospital's neonatal and pediatric intensive care units, additional operating rooms, and larger patient rooms to better accommodate visitors and families. Vital support services such as an enlarged cafeteria and kitchen, and professional teaching and community education space are also included in the five-level expansion. Two family rooms have been created by Ronald McDonald House Charities of Mobile Inc.

More photos of the expansion can be seen here and here.

USA Graduate Medical Education Programs



* Programs with rotations at the newly expanded USA Children's and Women's Hospital.



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