University of South Alabama


Family Medicine Interest Group (FMIG)

What is the FMIG?

The FMIG is a group of medical students, residents, and physicians who have an interest in the specialty of family practice.

What is the mission of the FMIG?

Our mission is to promote and encourage Family Medicine as a specialty by broadening medical students’ understanding of a Family Physician’s scope of practice and by teaching, via lectures and hands-on workshops, common skills used in the field.

FMIG Events:

  • Physicians Lounges
  • Skills Workshops
  • PR/Socials
  • Conferences


OFFICERS: 2013-2014

President -Thomas Holcomb

Finance Director - Gretchen Vandiver

Director of Clinical Advancement - Kelly Anderson

Director of Skills Advancement -Gabby Hood and Olivia Butters

Director of Public Relations & Recruitment - Sarah Mayberry

Conference Coordinator - Anna Crutchfield 

Community Service Directors - Katherine Weller and Micah Bucy  

Activities Coordinator- Reema Bashir            

Student Clinic Liaison - Molly Andrews

Scholarship Chair/Gumbo Chili Showdown- Rebekah Frazier

Advisors :   Carol P. Motley, M.D. 

                   Craig T. Bogar, Ed.D


AAFP Convention-Kansas City

August 2013


iPad Winners

Sarah Mayberry and Gretchen Vandiver

AAFP Convention-Kansas City


Procedures Workshop-Spring 2013


Procedures Workshop-Spring 2013


2013 Gumbo Chili Showdown

Team Spirt Award


 Alabama AAFP Conference-San Destin, FL-Summer 2013


Alabama AAFP Conference-San Destin, FL-Summer 2013


Welcome Cookout-August 2012










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