Research is conducted in the Medical Science Building (MSB) and the Laboratory of Infectious Diseases (LID).


Medical Sciences Building - The Medical Science Building on the USA campus (shown above) was dedicated in 1974, and it is the site for the basic science curriculum in the first two years of medical school, the PhD programs, and the myriad of research undertakings.


All laboratories in the Department of Microbiology and Immunology are equipped with state-of-the-art instrumentation needed to carry out competitive research programs. Some of the equipment includes ultracentrifuges, thermal cyclers, an ELISA plate reader, electroporators, an inverted phase contrast microscope, a real-time PCR instrument and a mass spectrometer.






The Medical Sciences Building includes research laboratories as well as classrooms for instruction.













The Laboratory of Infectious Diseases was designed so that research with infectious agents could be safely conducted.

It is a free-standing, high containment laboratory, built according to NIH standards for a Biosafety Level-3 research unit. 




Inside the Front Lobby.




The Laborator of Infectious Diseases opened February of 2015.













 Laboratories within the LID building.



The departmental equipment is complemented by the Biotechnical Core Facilities provided by the College of Medicine. These include the:

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