Advising Meeting

Wednesday, Feb. 15, 2017  at
12 noon

CWEB 1 bldg. Jubilee Room -  SEE MAP

LUNCH: RSVP 1 week in advance to Sheryl Pesnell 251-471-7891

Combined Internal Medicine/Pediatric


Dr. Grace Hundley, Residency Program Director


Faculty Advisors to Senior Students

Dr. Grace Hundley

Informal Description of the Clinical Discipline

An internal medicine-pediatric residency offers a unique, challenging experience for the physician in training to develop broad clinical skills in the two most respected primary care fields.  Residents successfully completing this rigorous four-year program are eligible for board certification in both disciplines.

The combined residency provides in-depth education for clinical practice careers.  Internal medicine-pediatric physicians provide diagnostic, treatment and follow-up care for newborns, children, adolescents, and adults.  Graduates of a combined residency may function as generalists in private practice with hospital privileges in both pediatrics and internal medicine.

Some graduates choose further subspecialty training in medicine, pediatrics or both, and many continue to care for children and adults in those subspecialties.  Graduates of combined medicine-pediatric programs have been integrated into private practices, health maintenance organizations and academic faculties.

Medical graduates who choose the challenge of combined training must be flexible and energetic.  Acquiring the broad knowledge base and skills for this combined specialty requires an intensive commitment on the part of the resident physician.  A solid foundation in the basic and clinical sciences is a prerequisite for this rigorous residency.

The clinical skills and expertise gained through a combined medicine-pediatrics training program put the graduate in a very desirable position for meeting the biggest health care need of the United States:  well trained generalists.  In addition, the graduate is also in a position to pursue additional training in a wide variety of subspecialties.

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