University of South Alabama

The University Of South Alabama Center Of Excellence for Health Disparities is a federally funded program to aid institutions which address the inequality of health care within their community and region.  The goals below, which are set by the National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities (NIMHD) are our focus. 

1) Integrate and centralize ongoing minority health and health disparities research and related research-based activities into a single interdisciplinary and trans-disciplinary research enterprise;

2) Establish novel effective partnerships with organizations and communities for conducting original and innovative cutting-edge research leading to improvements in minority health, the elimination of health disparities, or both;

3) Develop, enhance or  strengthen existing research training activities that prepare researchers from health disparity populations to conduct meritorious minority health and health disparities research; and

4) Establish, enhance or strengthen community engagement/outreach and institutional partnerships for improving minority health and the health of health disparity populations. 

All Centers of Excellence are made up of different cores which address the needs of the community and/or the institution: Administrative Core, Research Core, Community Outreach Core, and Research Education & Training core.  To learn more about our program please use the navigation buttons on the left.



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