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Welcome! The Division of Medical Education has been established within the College of Medicine to support and encourage the improvement of medical education by providing faculty development; consulting on the design, implementation and revision of educational programs; and facilitating the Curriculum Committee’s role as the central curriculum authority within the College.

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Susan LeDoux, Ph.D., Associate Dean for Medical Education; Professor and Vice Chair, Department of Cell Biology and Neuroscience. Her responsibilities focus on the overall design and implementation of the undergraduate medical educational program in accordance with national accreditation standards. Dr. LeDoux can be reached at or (251) 460-7174.





Benjamin Estrada, M.D., Assistant Dean for Educational Strategies and Faculty Development; Professor and Vice Chair, Department of Pediatrics. His duties focus on the design and implementation of contemporary teaching methods and requisite faculty training for the new curriculum. Dr. Estrada can be reached at or (251) 405-5126.





Anthony Gard, Ph.D., Assistant Dean for Curriculum Assessment and Evaluation; Professor, Department of Cell Biology and Neuroscience. Dr. Gard oversees programs for development of testing and student self-assessment and evaluation of program effectiveness. He serves as the College’s liaison to the National Board of Medical Examiners. Dr. Gard can be reached at or (251) 460-6770.





T.J. Hundley, M.D., Assistant Dean for Medical Education and Student Affairs; Associate Professor, Internal Medicine. Dr. Hundley is responsible for overseeing the curriculum for the third year of the undergraduate medical education program as well as assisting in curriculum development across the entire four-year program. Dr. Hundley can be reached at





Jeffrey Sosnowski, M.D., Ph.D., Assistant Dean for Curriculum Integration; Assistant Professor, Department of Pathology. Dr. Sosnowski chairs the Curriculum Integration Subcommittee of the Curriculum Committee and assists the Associate Dean of Medical Education in the design and implementation of the integrated systems-based curriculum. Dr. Sosnowski can be reached at




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Judy Getty, Medical Student Education Specialist. Ms. Getty maintains the administrative responsibilities for the Division of Medical Education. Ms. Getty can be reached at or (251)461-1413. The fax number is (251) 461-1412.



Gina Deckard


Gina Deckard, Assessment and Evaluation Coordinator. Ms. Deckard coordinates and supports all matters involving assessments and evaluations for the undergraduate medical education program. Ms. Deckard can be reached at or (251) 461-1966.




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