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The development of "sustainable healthy communities" in metropolitan Mobile, the State of Alabama, the Gulf Coast region and the Southeastern United States by addressing the special needs of people the University of South Alabama serves. This includes the elimination of racial, ethnic and rural health disparities.


Mission Statement   

The Center for Healthy Communities is the lead entity within the University of South Alabama for coordinating community education, research, public service and health activities to help eliminate health disparities, foster access to health care for underserved populations and enhance the capacity of individuals to better participate in decision making about their health. 

The Center's mission is closely aligned to the Healthy People 2010 agenda and initiatives for underserved individuals and communities.  

This mission is carried out through collaborative multi-disciplinary community and university based research, education and training programs designed to help develop "healthy sustainable communities."  

Successful implementation of this mission requires the establishment of trusting relationships with minority and underserved populations, health care providers and scholars within the academic community.

Our Address is as follows:

CSAB104University of South Alabama
307 University Boulevard
Mobile, Alabama 36688-0002

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