Oncology Outlook 2018 Presentations


Neelima Denduluri, MD

Treatment of Triple Negative Breast Cancer



Spencer Liles, MD, FACS

Hot Topics in Surgery for Breast Cancer



Elesyia Outlaw, MD

Getting to the Heart of It: Modern Radiation Therapy for LSBC



Jennifer Young Pierce, MD, MPH, and Jennifer Scalici, MD

Debate: Newly Diagnosed Ovarian Cancer



Jennifer Scalici, MD

Immunotherapy in the Treatment of Gynecologic Cancers



Jessa Blount, MS, CGC, and Nate Jones, MD

Should Genetic Counseling Be Before or After Treatment?



Rodney P. Rocconi, MD

The Use of Molecular Profiling/Genomics in the Treatment of Women’s Cancers



Tumor Board Case Presentations: Breast Cancer



Jennifer Young Pierce, MD, MPH

Hormones: To Replace or Not To Replace?



Janet Bouknight, MD

Fertility Preservation for Women's Cancers



Tamika Felder, Survivor and Advocate

Heating it Up, Without Sizzling Out: Sex Post-Treatment



Keith M. Swetz, MD

Pain Management Concepts in Gynecological Malignancies



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